The LLumar Advantage: Why It’s the Best Window Tint

When it comes to window film, LLumar has been my go-to for over three decades, and for good reason. I am often asked by customers why I carry LLumar film. 

Sunbusters has been in business for over 35 years and LLumar has proven itself to me and our happy customers. I have tried other brands, but found they lack in quality and are harder to install. LLumar window film has continually proven to be trustworthy and reliable over the years and they continue to innovate. 

First off, let’s talk about LLumar’s IRX series. IRX is the highest heat rejecting film that LLumar makes. In Florida, this matters!  The bottom line is that this window tint keeps you cooler.

This line of window film is a game-changer, thanks to its advanced nano-ceramic technology. Not only does it block out infrared rays like a champ, but it also provides exceptional UV protection, blocking over 99% of harmful rays. It doesn’t interfere with your vehicle’s tech systems, like navigation, Bluetooth, or tire sensors. And most importantly, it keeps you cool and comfortable on the road, with your AC not having to work as hard.

“After Sunbusters tinted my car with Llumar, it’s noticeably cooler and you really don’t have to wear sunglasses when driving. The tint is blocking UV and keeping me cool! “— Customer

One of the biggest selling points of LLumar is its lifetime warranty. Backed by a nationwide guarantee, LLumar film ensures peace of mind for customers, covering issues like bubbling, color loss, or delamination. This commitment to quality and durability translates to customer satisfaction.

LLumar isn’t just about performance—it’s also about sustainability. By reducing the need for excessive air-conditioning, high-performance window tint helps conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions. It’s a win-win for both you and the environment. LLumar continues to raise the bar for window film technology, offering customers the best-in-class products on the market.

And it’s not just for cars. LLumar offers a range of films for residential and commercial use, providing benefits like UV protection, privacy, and glare reduction. Whether you’re looking to protect your furniture from sun damage or create a more comfortable work environment, LLumar has you covered.

Yes, we provide installation in your home and office. Tinting your home and workspace can lower your cooling costs and save you money, just in time for Florida’s endless summer!

LLumar window film stands out for its superior performance, reliability, and commitment to sustainability. With its advanced technology, lifetime warranty, and versatile applications, LLumar is the clear choice for anyone looking to upgrade their vehicle or property with top-of-the-line window film.

Serving Florida’s Space Coast, upgrade your car, home, and office—with LLumar window film from Sunbusters in Melbourne, Viera, Palm Bay and all of Brevard County, Florida.

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